Welcome to MYRSA for Space Hosting

Welcome to MYRSA for Space Hosting

We have broadly categorized spaces in following categories.
Please explore how your spaces can be hosted for business growth and can generate extra revenue to you.

What all your space can do?

Brands looking for spaces. Explore and send proposal for better engagement.

Have an empty parking space? Want to know it's multiple-use?

"Parking lots can be used for many other things other than parking."

Single Parking, multiple or a parking lot on busy days, Myrsa will make it profitable for you. A music event or a celebration can easily be held in empty parking areas of societies or institutions.

This location will give them a great footfall without any obstructions for anyone! Myrsa is here to help you to start generating the high-quality enquiries you have been waiting for. Just list your parking lots on Myrsa and start earning.


The atrium space type includes glazed courtyard spaces and multistoried spaces and a huge amount of footfall. What's better than giving theses spaces for small businesses? Kiosks and popup shops can be set up in these areas. Let the Atrium of your commercial space host an ice cream party! Earn rent as well as publicity! List your atrium on myrsa.in now and start monetizing the atrium while giving a chance to small brands.

Explore what more you can do


Myrsa Key Tie Ups

Our goal since launching has been to make finding and booking temporary rental spaces an easy and transparent process. We work closely with a wide range of clients and they are the reason for our success.


All bookings booked through Myrsa are verified payments. We also cover all bookings by our cancellation policy.


Happiness is guaranteed at Myrsa. We make sure you get 100 percent satisfaction.


We provide 100% assurance. If you have any issue kindly contact us. Till that time enjoy renting with Myrsa.


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What is Myrsa Host?

Myrsa Host Home is a place where you can earn by renting out your empty unused spaces. We buy spaces for a purpose and often a quarter of these spaces remain empty. Suppose the spaces in an office building such as the office atrium, the common area conference halls all of these are not utilized to your fullest. Similarly, there are so many spaces around you from your residential areas (clubhouses, gardens, lobby) that remain vacant utmost of the times. You utilise the space for some significant number of time or it can happen that only a part of these spaces are of substantive use and the rest of it resides vacant. You would have never thought that even these spaces can generate you money and that too without investing much effort. Have you ever wondered what can these spaces be useful for? Did you know that you can monetize all of your vacant spaces? Myrsa is an online platform that helps you with that. Now you can utilize your vacant spaces or extra spaces for different purposes. The temporary renting program that it offers is as flexible as you need. Give out your spaces for short term rental to different types of businesses. Short term renting business is on a rise right now. Want to rent out your space for an event? This is the right place. Rent out your parking spaces for food truck parking.

How to list your space on Myrsa

  • All you have to do is you register your space with us. For this sign up with your email to create an account

  • Then click on list your space

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to properly describe your space( the size, access etc)

  • The second thing would be to upload photos of your venue that will make it gain more confidence from the client’s side.

  • What is the location of your space? Specify the route and what all transportation is required to reach there.

  • Mention about what kind of businesses are you planning to have in your space? Who are your intended brands?

  • What days of the week is your space available to be rented out? Maintain the price accordingly. (ie weekends and weekdays)

  • Respond to the requests on time, to have proper contact with the brands.

  • Arrange site visits for the brands that are interested in your space?

  • Allow online payments to be made in Myrsa. It is safe!

  • After every successful event asks the client to leave a review on your listing so that new renters can gain trust in you.

Types of Spaces-Parking, The most requested spaces

Renting my parking space has been searched for the most on Google. You must wonder how can I use my parking space. Parking spaces usually remain vacant for most times, this vacant space can be of use to so many brands around you. It can be used as a food truck parking area by food truck owners. It can also be used by people to have events, marketing activities or even for health and wellness activities. You can even give out an open garden event space for rent. Rent out your open gardens on a temporary basis for different types of events to be conducted on them. If you wish to rent your spaces for event then spaces like open grounds can be used. You can even give your retail space for rent to be used by brands who need to set up pop-up shops. Product promotion spaces for rent can be found on the Myrsa platform. You can promote different spaces like cafeterias for food promotions, empty spaces commercial complexes for your product promotion.

Earn Benefits with Myrsa

For Myrsa’s hosts, it can be amazingly rewarding to share your space with productive customers while generating additional revenue. Myrsa assists owners to let out their Temporary Vacant Spaces on Rental that fits the needs of potential customers. While it can be interesting to know how to present your space to efficiently to highlight its specialties and perks, there are best methods to help ensure you generate adequate interest in your space.

Why list your space

Your space that usually remains empty is actually being underused. Myrsa enables you to use your space more efficiently. Listing your unused space on Myrsa not only fetches you extra income from the rent but also solves the problem of finding temporary rental spaces for those seeking such areas.

Easy, Fast and Free listing :
Listing of spaces on Myrsa is free. It takes mere 5-7 minutes to create a listing. Once you have listed your space on Myrsa with a fully complete profile, you become visible to suitable potential brands. This shows you your most profitable opportunities.

You're in control :
Your space, your rules. You can set the hours, available space, maximum occupancy, event type, and rental price. Myrsa is here to help market your space to the right people.

Long term potential :
Brands use temporary spaces to test their product or service and to reach the customer. When tests go well brands and businesses are often interested in joining the neighbourhood by leasing their own space, merchandising with local stores, or renting the same space frequently.

The right fit :
Rental expectations and brand-fit requirements are pure and transparent. Connect with national brands as well as thousands of local brands. :

Secure payment :
Receive payments securely directly into your bank account within timelines without having to chase anyone.

A new revenue stream :
Many space owners, including smaller spaces, are earning INR 3,000- INR 300,000 by hosting businesses and brands in their premises. Renting small spaces on an hourly/daily/weekly basis is a new way of adding an extra coin to the bag.