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What defines us

We solve real problems

We solve real problems that matter to our customers and us. We solve problems for long-term value creationover short-term results

Open and Respectful

We are open to diverse views; we listen attentively, speak candidly and treat others with respect.

Build trust and collaborate

Strong competence and character help us extend and earn trust. Deep collaboration and teamwork are keyingredients to success.

Customer obsession

We start with customers and work backwards to meet their expectations.

Be self-honest and accept failure

We are honest and open to accept failures even when it is awkward and embarrassing, and have the courage tochange.

Be with the best

We surround ourselves with the best people, technology and tools to achieve something special together at Myrsa.

Embrace constraints

Constraints breed resource-fullness, self-sufficiency and creative solutions. We try & spend wisely.

Deliver awesome results

We focus on the key inputs and results. Deliver with an awesome quality and in a timely manner.

A great place to work

We are working on the future of retail and last mile service by making it more accessible, engaging andproductive for customers as well as brands and businesses.
At Myrsa, you'll help build the new event & property management backbone for modern sales, marketing andoperations teams across the world. We believein autonomy, automation, and the power of great data.
  • A unique company for the real you

Being a young and vibrant company trying to change the perspective on how people perceive empty physical spaces, we make for a colourful bunch of characters. At Myrsa, we challenge the routine and look to create meaningful solutions to make finding & managing spaces, a seamless experience for everyone.

  • Interesting inside

We’ve carefully handpicked individuals who believe in the vision of Myrsa - to make the world of physical spacesas accessible and flexible as the virtual world. Breaking boundaries and doing more than what is expected is what people at Myrsa are known for. Join our team of highly motivated individuals, as we reach out to each other to build products just as unique as you.

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